George Evans


Master George Evans received his masters ranking from Grandmaster Gary A  Muma in 2005. A lifelong martial artist with roots in Choi Luck Kung Fu starting at age 5. Head Taekwondo instructor at both academies and part of the outstanding cadry of Jiu Jitsu Instructors.

Donny Pickard


Coach Donny Pickard is an excellent  Jiu Jitsu instructor and shares coaching at the Dalles Academy. A former law enforcement officer who is deeply immersed in many combat arts, he is the co-owner of Salvos Training in The Dalles. 

Rigoberto Morales


Mr. Rigo Morales is a talented martial artist and an inspired instructor. He is the senior Taekwondo instructor at the Hood River Academy and part of the Jiu Jitsu coaching staff.

Alfredo Morales


Mr. Alfredo Morales is a gifted martial artist. He is the Assistant Taekwondo instructor at The Dalles academy and part of the Jiu Jitsu coaching staff.

Barry Pederson


Barry is a great coach who trained under Julie Hoponick of Fort Collins Colorado before moving to Hood River and becoming a member of the Impact Jiu Jitsu family. Barry shares coaching responsibilities at the Hood River Academy.

Marco Drager


Marco has a rich background in MMA coaching and shares his Muay Thai knowlege during this high energy class.